ZERO GRAVITY by G.Gerelkhuu


11-21 September, 2014

Born in 1988, young emerging talent artist Gerelkhuu is graduated from the State University of Culture and Art in 2010. His first solo exhibition, Speaking to Being Lost was held in 2013, at the Fine Art Museum of  Zanabazar, Ulaanbaatar.  He also took a part in important projects and exhibitions such as The Best Artwork of the Year by National Modern Art Gallery, New Art Works; Portrai; Golden Brush; Mongolia – Beautiful Country; Spring; Naadam by Union of Mongolia Artists, annual exhibitions organized by Mongol Zurag Association, Urban Narratives at Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong and Folk Art Festival in New Mexico, USA.

Speaking to Being Lost, by Ian Findlay-Brown

The traditional and the contemporary unite vigorously in Gerelkhuu Ganbold’s paintings. As a young artist with a perceptive knowledge of Mongol zurag and its motifs and an intuitive awareness of the complexity and angst of Mongolia’s democratic society and the unpredictability of youth, he is able to speak to the problems of his time in a way that engages the viewer at once. The flow of his line and the visceral energy of his singular narratives are unique among his generation.

His intensely and exquisitely coloured paintings stand out instantly as dramatic narratives that embrace time and legend in ways that allude to illuminated graphic art, to historical Western romantic art, and to an East/West cross-cultural notion of heaven and hell where the beast defeats humanity and obliterates comforting traditions. One thinks here of the numerous romantic portrayals of Saint George and the Dragon, the slayer and the slain, though one is not certain until the bitter end. At the same time, one cannot escape subtle influences of contemporary Japanese manga art, animé, and video games. These paintings — and others of the past three years — are setting the tone for Gerelkhuu’s oeuvre through which he will continue to explore emotional conflicts, personal stresses, the volatility of dreams, and the fragile nature of his rapidly changing society through which he must navigate as both an artistic interloper and a daring participant, an adventurer and as a visual clairvoyant.

Gerelkhuu Ganbold is an astute observer and commentator of his time as is clear in the works in Speaking To Being Lost. He gradually, but forcefully makes us ever more aware of our surroundings in our precariously balanced urban life. He is unafraid to talk of alienation, violence, of the loss of traditions, of the suffocating crush of urban life, the indecision in society, and the pervasive influence of technology that makes us strangers to each other. By using his rich palette of gouache and watercolour the artist enhances the action and leads us gently into a better understanding of his time and place.

Ian Findlay-Brown is the editor/publisher of Asian Art News and World Sculpture News.

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