WHITE COLOR by Ts.Odgerel

Art Exhibition by Artist Ts.Odgerel

Children often remind us of the white paper. Somehow we usually forget that the pencil is in the hand of the adults. With this reason, kids often become a reflection of family or society. In his artworks, artist Ts.Odgerel frequently reveals how different times shape kids into different ways. In the Mongolian art world, Odgerel is well known for his expressionist artworks, where he depicts vulnerable kids.

His upcoming new exhibition WHITE COLOR is brighter, a bit different from his previous works. It could be a reflection of a moment in time, which is changing into better ways or his lifestyle; he has changed recently by moving to the countryside. Ts.Odgerel says, “… in the countryside, kids have limited access to information and technology, however what I realize is, they are more clean-minded and innocent than city kids. Being away from city traffic and stress brings me tranquillity; ultimately it affects my artworks

Although heroes of his artworks look humble, you can find hope in their eyes. Wherever they spent their childhood, in the countryside, or in the city, or even in landfill, they always remain innocent and have a strong will. Artworks of this exhibition convey feelings and impressions of an artist, at the same time seem to be conveying a message to the people not to neglect the children.


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