TUGS-OYUN Sodnomin
Born 1955

1974 College of Fine Art, Ulaanbaatar
1980 Surikov Academy of Fine Art, Moscow, Russi


since 1974 annual exhibitions of the UMA
1991 One-man show, Moscow, Russia
1992 One-man show, Ulaanbaator
1994 One-man show, London, UK
1998 One-man show, Ulaanbaator
1985 Mongolian exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
1985 Mongolian exhibition, Yugoslavia
1989 Mongolian exhibition, Fukuoka, Japan
1991 Mongolian exhibition, Moscow, Russia
1997 Mongolian exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
1999 Mongolian exhibition, Niigata, Japan
1999 Mongolian exhibition, Moscow, Russia
1999 “Women and Society” international exhibition of women artists, Ulaanbaatar
2000 “Colors from Mongolia” exhibition, NY, SF, USA
2001 “Nine Treasures” exhibition of Mongolian women artists, Bonn, Germany
2003 Group Exhibition, Mongolian Art Exhibition, London, UK
2004 Joint exhibition “Mongolian Highlights” Vilnius, Lithuania
2004 Group Exhibition, Art gallery of the UMA, Mongolia
2004 Group exhibition “Mongolia and Tamna”,Jeju, Korea

1985 UMA prize
1985 Diploma, international exhibition, Bulgaria
1994 Award, Mongolian Youth Federation

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