Interesting mix of installations, consisting of paintings, photos and objects created by Mongolian visual artist D.Batzorig (known as Bazo) will speak about the ecological and spiritual balances lost in modern days. The subjects of his earlier work were centered mostly upon the idea of eternal motion and reincarnation as symbolized by the form of the circle, an essential image both in the nomadic philosophy of the Mongols and Buddhism. Despite traditionally used oil paints, artist Bazo uses variety of media such us smoke, stones, earth, wood, paper, landscape and other materials for the installations, performances, photos and paintings. Bazo is a graduate from the Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture 2004. His works have been exhibited extensively both in Mongolia and abroad in Russia, Korea, China, Finland and Japan. In 2005, Batzorig won the Best Work Prize from the Union of Mongolian Artists. He is a member of Artist Pension Trust, Global.


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