PERFECT HARMONY – traditional meets contemporary

On 4 July, for the occasion of Naadam Festival, 976 Art Gallery introduces artworks of young emerging talents: B.Baatarzorig & B.Nomin and B.Khishigsuren and D.Otgontugs through exhibition titled PERFECT HARMONY.

Artists B.Baatarzorig and B.Nomin have studied in the traditional painting class of the Mongolian University of Fine Art, so they use traditional technique for their artworks. But their bright colored artworks have element of surrealism and subject matters combine both traditional and modern scene. Some of artworks by B.Baatarzorig is completed on the piece of old wooden chest, portraying old historical figures and people.    

In case of B.Khishigsuren and D.Otgontugs, their approaches are opposite. They have learnt European technique in Mongolian University of Fine Art, therefore their artworks have more of impressionist and expressionist styles, but source of theme comes from traditional lifestyle and culture of Mongolia.  

For the opening of the exhibition, project titled PERFECT HARMONY was performed by TUMEN EKH ENSEMBLE offering 2 full ensemble music pieces and 9 music arrangements and improvisations inspired by the selected artworks displayed in the exhibition. The audience had an opportunity to see, hear and feel the combination of a music and visual scene, blended with traditional and modern expressions. The project was initiated by horse-head fiddle player Ninjee Batchuluun and curated by Art Critic Nomin Baasankhuu.

The exhibition will continue till 24 July, 2013.

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