Artist J.ANUnaran, who strived to liberate herself before, has entered the next phase of her discovery on her path of creation. Although the series of artworks of this exhibition includes the same materials, elements, characters, depictions and compositions, it’s apparent that her meditation has reached far deeper into her inner side and her allegoric narrations on plain and full background turned depiction wise into three-dimensional in these series and her expressions have become more ‘disordered’, yet arranged in a much orderly manner. Her aspiration to find herself and to liberate herself from her boundaries led her to discover and catch the ‘Inner’ her and let her transcribe down the signs, intuition and metaphorical data of her inner ‘other’ world ‘unintentionally’ or by accident, where she has found out the unknown, yet inherently-sensed ‘consciousness’… It’s apparent from her explanation that ‘The accidental formation of the back of textiles, their colors and compositions… draw my attention at most. It was an exceptional process of self-creation that formed independently…” In sensing and expressing her consciousness or her spiritual essence, the utilization of the ‘accidental’ self-formation of the back of imprinted textiles and its stamps of patterns wasn’t enough, in other words ‘lacking space’, thus she used the three-dimensional composition in order to create and depict her idea of ‘starry’ space. The main elements or of her artworks, including female body, womanly features and organs of slender yet strong legs, gentle yet resolute hands, delicate flowers and intuitive birds are still kept in her new artworks. Yet, they are composed and depicted, not on plain backgrounds of water flow or wind breeze of former works, but in a space like butterfly wing in a micro level, or ghostly mist to human eyes or starry galaxies in a macro level, which is composed ‘freely’ yet ‘orderly’ or logically along with the lined space of tangled threads, a roamer-like single thread, karmas to tie all and mysterious signs that predict the coming.

The artworks of this series are based on the former series and continue the main concept of the former exhibition. However, the artist discovered her inner transformation within her consciousness, demonstrates this METAMORPHOSIS of her spiritual essence and narrates it precisely, detailed or overly comprehensive, maybe too openly, while exposing the evolution and change deep inside the human mind not directly, but in a mystical and allegorical way that she experienced herself addressing not to the mind of the viewers, but to their consciousness The accidental formation of the back of textiles, their colors and compositions than the versions that were created by intentionally taking the colors into account draw my attention at most. It was an exceptional process of self-creation that formed independent from or free of those versions that were made by considering the color…

Essay by Delgermaa.G


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