LEGEND OF SWALLOW by D.Bayartsetseg

  • Artist:
  • Name of art:
    Legend of Swallow series No 32
  • Size:
    17x17 cm
  • Material:
    Ink, White Pigment on Rice Paper
  • Year:
  • Price:

Contemporary artist Bayartsetseg Dashdondov, known as Godo, is presenting her artworks, inspired by the poem found in the famous Mongolian historical book, Altan Tobchi or Golden Chronicle of the mid 17th Century.


You went as a wing of a flying hawk, oh my Lord!
You went as a load of a tinkling cart, oh my Lord!
You went as a wing of a frolicking martin, oh my Lord!
You went as a load of a circling cart, oh my Lord!
You went as a wing of a chirping bird, oh my Lord!
You went as a load of a squeaking cart, oh my Lord!

According to the author of Altan Tobchi, Gilgudei related this poem after Chinghis Khaan’s death.

Born in Ulaanbaatar, Bayartsetseg obtained her art education in Mongolia and China. Since 2003 she has been actively exhibiting her artworks and showing art performances domestically and internationally. Her solo shows include Flower Cutter 2006, Chinggis Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mine 2008, Khan Bank Gallery and 3 art performance shows held at Zanabazar Fine Art Gallery, 976 Art Gallery, Museum of Choijin Lama and Fierce Club. Internationally artist Bayartsetseg has displayed her artworks through exhibitions such as, Intertwine Experience CAFA, Beijing, China, The Best Art Works 2004, CAFA, Beijing, China; Heart to Heart, joint exhibition Daejeon, South Korea, Landscapes 2011 joint exhibition of Russian Mongolian artists, Baikal, Russia and 30th Anniversary Exhibition of the International Modern Artists Association in 2011 at UNESCO Exhibition hall, France, Paris.

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