Art Space 976 is pleased to announce opening of Dreams of Blue Grass, a solo exhibit by artist Munkhbolor Ganbold – Munkkh (b.1983), who is currently representing Mongolia at 57th International Art Exhibition, Venice Art Biennale. An opening reception will take place on Thursday, November 16, from 5.30-8.30 pm. The artist will be present.

Artist Munkkh represents a younger generation of Mongolian artists, who grew up during harsh transition, a period of chaotic shifts in Mongolia’s society in 1990s. Despite the lack of understanding and support in contemporary art in Mongolia, Munkkh continues experimenting courageously. The condition of scarcity played important role in his works. Munkkh uses materials and objects found on the streets, construction sites and wasteland. His paintings and sculptures often speak about struggles of living being and self-destructive forces of the nature. Forms, shapes and materials symbolize particular phenomenon in the society or human-made illusions. Karma of Eating (2016), he displayed at Lost in Tngri – Mongolia Pavilion at Venice Art Biennale 2017, focuses on damage to the Mongolian ecosystem, a creeping desertification caused by overbreeding of goats for the cashmere business. His “contemporary portraits”, “urban landscape” series of paintings were displayed in numbers of solo and group shows held in Stockholm, New York, Gwangju and Ulaanbaatar.

Loose and spontaneous brushwork, symbolic figures with red, yellow and blue, primary colors that are traditionally used in Mongolia, characterize most of his early paintings. Techniques of his works have been developing gradually into much more complex one. Lately he started destroying some of his works during working process and making collages, using torn pieces, where he applies Mongolian traditional method of applique. Sometimes he paints over his old paintings, then strip layers of paintings randomly. The process of creation is a journey that leads him to investigate the world that surrounds him and rediscovering himself.

For Dreams of Blue Grass, Munkkh produced series vibrant abstract paintings. As usual, he used dead animal skulls, rusty metal plates, rotten cottons and ropes. But palletes of paintings consist mainly of blue, gray, black and white, very little sign of bright colors and symbolic shapes that distinguished his early works. “It is a different type of galaxy, where I find myself and world surrounds me” artist says.

Munkkh is a member of the “Human-Nature-Love-Freedom” and “Blue Sun” contemporary art movements; obtained his education in Green Horse Mongolian Contemporary Art College, Mongolian University of Fine Art and Muthesius Fine Art College in Germany. He is a recipient of grants from Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Alliance Française, Asian Culture Center, Gwangju, U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar and Mongolian Contemporary Art Support Association.

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