Jointly organized by Ulaanbaatar City Government, Mongolian Contemporary Art Support Association and Art Space 976+, the exhibition showcases crossing points of different times, spaces, objects and people of Ulaanbaatar city through various medias, such as paintings, videos, photos and installations by artists B.Otgontuvden, B.Bat-Orgil, U.Narbayasgalan, R.Chinzorig, D.Batkholboo, J.Tsenguun, B.Bat-erdene and “Khukh Zev” artists’ union.

Tradition and modernity, orderliness and chaos, rich and poor, past and future… This exhibition is dedicated to the 378 Anniversary of Ulaanbaatar City establishment and brings together crossing points of different rhythms and colors of Ulaanbaatar city.

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