CLOUDS SOUND by O.Zolbootuguldur

Exhibition dates: May 29 – 13 June, 2015

Flowers on the windowsill. These are the blooms of lemon tree, my husband planted. The pieces of organic world residing in my home. Through the shells embedded in the soil, I see mountains and clouds. Artists who worship the nature, start their researches from love, the organic world surrounding them such as plants, trees, clouds, mountains, wind, rains, snow. The sounds of snows, rains and clouds pass through my heart and reside in my works.

Sounds coming from clouds are the sounds of my soul and my artworks.

There is a no desire to depict the sour. Journey through the inner-self and closeness to the organic world leads to the endless imagination of a serenity and gorgeousness.

Artist O.Zolbootuguldur

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