Art exhibition MYSTERIOUS BEAUTY OF NATURE featuring SH.CHIMEDDORJ, the State Laureate and Meritorious Artist of Mongolia & DHO JAE HONG Professional photographer from Korea is open from 20 May till 09 June at 976 Art Gallery.

The State laureate Artist and the Member of the Academy of Fine Art of Mongolia, Sh.Chimeddorj was born in 1954. After graduating Pedagogical University in 1984, he worked as a teacher and designer in different organizations.

Since 1990s Sh.Chimeddorj, began pursuing his artistic career. Within only 20 years, his artworks have been displayed in more than 20 solo and 40 group exhibitions, not only in his home country, but also in countries such as Russia, Holland, France, USA, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Korea, Finland, Japan, Great Britain, China and others. He also participated in notable international competitions, triennials and biennials 12 times. His works are in the collections of notable individuals, organizations, including  museums and galleries all over the world.         

Sh.Chimaddorj is, unarguably, the one of the most leading and influential contemporary artists of Mongolia. His contribution to the development of the fine art in Mongolia is significant and Mongolia is proud of him. For his distinctive contributions, Chimeddorj received numbers of awards, including Gran Pri award of the competition dedicated to the 750 anniversary of “Secret History of Mongols” in 1991, the Best Artwork of a Year, UMA in 1997, State Polar Star Order in 2002, State Laureate Prize in 2006 and Meritorious Artist of Mongolia  in 2012.    
His water-colour works displayed in this exhibition are distinctive, because of the complexity of using colors that are difficult to combine and his fast and skilled completions. Some of artworks are very minimal, monochromatic, yet presenting perfect balance of spaces and shapes, conveying the feeling of a true nature. The colors of his artworks are so fresh; provide feelings of a moist and liveliness that are usually associated with flowers. It is amazing to see his capacity of conveying real feelings true his abstract works.       

Artist Dho Jae Hong completed Institute of Art in Seoul, Korea in 1988. Throughout the years of pursuing his career as a professional photographer, Dho Jae Hong has been completing numbers of large scale photo project for world-know Korean brands. For his outstanding works, he received International Galaxy Award from LG Grand Prix Award in 2002, Golden Award from Samsung Grand Prix and Art Directors 82nd Annual Award in 2003.
Dho Jae Hong fell in love with the beauty of a nature in Mongolia. He has been travelling to different places in Mongolia and taking artistic photos. This time he is introducing his works together with his friend, Laureate Artist of Mongolia, Chimeddorj ,through the exhibition  MYSTERIOUS BEAUTY OF NATURE, displayed in 976 Art Gallery. 

His photo project is completed in the magnificent place called Khongor Sand Dune, located in the Gobi of Mongolia. Instead of portraying large scale, he focused on the small details of the sand dunes, making shapes, shadows and lights, as the main objects of his work. He reworked on his photos and made most of his work looking like an abstract.

Artworks are printed only once and will be remaining as a unique copy.   

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