• Artist:
    Ancient Breathing by Nestle
  • Name of art:
    Yo.Dalkh-Ochir & Enkhtuya
  • Year:

One of the most popular drinks in today’s globalized world is coffee. Right now, at this particular moment, millions of people must be drinking coffee. This pleasant beverage has been used for “different” purpose for 24 years since the very first artwork was painted with COFFEE. It’s taking art to its most basic form. Coffee, water, canvas and a brush – those physical elements and talent transform a blank canvas into a truly unique art form requiring a thoughtful and delicate touch. Capturing the depth of these classic works of art is only possible through a slow and sophisticated process by building layers upon layers of espresso.

Consider how it would be, if we were to look back on the ancient cultures, traditions and lives of our ancestors, through coffee, something that human-beings consume today, on daily basis?

The answer to this question can be found at an exhibition titled: ANCIENT BREATHING by NESTLE featured by the artists Yo.Dalkh-Ochir and B.Enkhtuya. This show was presented at the “976 Art Gallery” from the 5th to 26th of October. These works of art are created using mixed media—including coffee, milk and photography.

The last century brought human-beings countless findings and achievements in the area of science and technology. These achievements provided us an opportunity to explore and understand the history, traditions and lifestyles of the past. In this century, countries and even cultures have lost their boundaries—becoming universal. In this universal world, while living in the middle of an immense information flow, it seems that our lives and future depend on how we perceive and interpret different codes that carry different signals. Yo.Dalkh-Ochir believes that 30-40 thousand years ago people used different codes which they kept as a cave painting today. According to him, these cave paintings are not meaningless inscriptions and figures, but represent the power of the intellect and signals that are carrying our lives forward. Therefore, in his artwork, Dalkh-Ochir has brought a comparison between ancient codes and modern information tools and signals that contain different messages. He believes the color of coffee is perfectly suited for expressing ancient utterances and depictions.

In this exhibition, artist B.Enkhtuya introduced a series of artwork named BODHISATTVA, which means a person, who is striving for enlightenment. Her artwork somewhat articulates that “Everybody carries god within oneself. By striving for enlightenment, everybody can awaken the god within”

These works of art were previously exhibited at the Mongolian Fine Art Gallery in May 2012. The exhibition was different this time in such a way that the artwork were presented by creating an art house with ambiance.


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